Tips to enhance your blog for SEO

Most people who are aware of the significance of business blogging will ensure to maintain a blog. But apart from owning a blog, it is necessary to optimize the blog posts and make it search engine friendly. Most bloggers do not know the value of SEO and fail to optimize the blogs as per the search engine. It is important to provide relevant, fresh, and engaging blog posts regularly to attract potential customers to your business website. Toronto SEO Company is an expert in blog management and optimization of blogs for search engines. If you wish to find out more about how to enhance the blog, continue reading the tips.

Perform your research: One of the important components of on-page optimization is keyword research. When you naturally add the keywords and provide informative content in the form of a blog, there are chances to see a good number of views and shares. There are several techniques and tools for determining related keywords according to the blog post. For example, tools such as and Google Adwords Keyword Tool serve as excellent tools to determine keywords associated with the topic. You can also see what phrases and words your competitors are using and how they are targeting to drive traffic on their websites.

Use keywords throughout the post: After determining a couple of valuable and relevant keywords, it is necessary to use them in such a way that it influences search engine crawlers and humans. Ensure to add the keywords in places such as title tags and meta descriptions, anchor text, concluding paragraph, introductory sentences, subheadings and headings, and title. Do not stuff the keywords in the blog. If you fill the entire blog with several keywords, it will be hard to read. It will also annoy the blog followers. There are also chances for Google to penalize your blog for stuffing the keywords. It is recommended to strategically insert a few keywords. It should look natural when you read. It should not be forceful.

Utilize social media to promote your blog posts: Once you draft and publish the blog, ensure to share your blog on social media sites. It is one of the best ways to get high traffic to your blog. You can also share in your business social media sites and tag it appropriately to the business domain. If possible, you can run paid social media ads to get better exposure.

Offer readers a chance to subscribe to the blog: Ensure to include Feed Subscription Buttons and RSS and provide viewers a chance to subscribe to blog posts through email if possible. It permits the blog followers to get instant notification of the latest posts and they do not have to keep checking the website every time for new posts.
Optimize the images: While uploading images in the blog, ensure to include keywords as the image name and file name. Also, fill the alternate text field by adding a description or brief the photo.

When you follow these simple SEO tips, you can easily see your blog ranking better in the search engine result page.

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